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2019 New Player Signups

2019 Campolindo Cougars Softball

Welcome to the 2019 Season of Campolindo Cougars Softball.

We are glad to have you interested in the 2019 season here at Campolindo and look forward to having you out on the field for the up coming season.
There is a form below we would like you to fill-out in order for us to make sure we have the correct contact information for you.
Also there is information we would like to know about your experience prior to this season.

If you have any friends that may be interested in playing this season have them go to the website and signup.

There is no experience necessary to participate.
Giving something new a try is better than never trying at all.

***Please fill in all fields***

If you are not sure about an answer fill it in with your best guess. If your not sure what something is then the answer is usually no.

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