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Preseason Conditioning Info

Cougar Conditioning
Date: TBD
Time: 4pm
Location: Varsity Softball Field
Attire: Pants (No Shorts), T-Shirt, Running (Tennis Shoes)
You may want to bring a sweatshirt if it gets cold.

Conditioning will be on Mondays and Wednesdays, every week, until Late January. The full schedule is on the website

You will have access to the Girls Softball locker room, adjacent to the JV and Varsity fields, before we get started each day to store your bags and other personal items during Conditioning and future Practices.

Conditioning is going to be a very important, but small part of what we do this season. Our goal is for everyone to be in shape before we start the regular practices, and not wait until early spring to try and This will give us a jump on some of the other programs by being closer to game speed at the beginning of our regular practices. Being in condition and being at game speed are 2 different things.

We will be combining conditioning and open field days at a certain point in the future. Everyone will be notified when this is going to happen. When we change to open field days, the players will need to bring their softball equipment at that point. Until then, we will follow the above mentioned conditioning only days.

I want to emphasize and make sure that everyone understands that those who participate in our conditioning, it does not mean you are automatically on the team. What it will mean, is that you are showing me, and the coaches, and the other participants that you have a desire to “Play for the name on the front of that jersey”. As coach’s, we are not always looking for the fastest player or the strongest player. We are looking for that player that shows everyone they want to be here and that they want to work to get better. We call it being“coachable”. If you are coachable, you have a great attitude, and put in the work needed to make yourself the best player you can be. You will build confidence, and be proud of what you have earned, along with your teammates. You are there for your teammates, not just yourself. These are the things that coaches are looking for during these workouts and if you are not there, we will never see it. We notice, and you will notice, when you take a drill off. We are here to help and guide you to obtain everything you can from this season.

A big goal we have for this season, is to have both a Varsity team and a Junior Varsity team, in order for us to be able to have enough players to make this program grow and be successful in the future as well as the present upcoming season. To help achieve that goal, we would like each of you too go out and talk to your friends, and classmates, to come out and play competitive softball. We are more than willing and capable, to take all levels of players, and work with them at their level of ability. This will help make the Cougar Softball Teams the best they can be and represent Campolindo High School as it should be.

There will be flyers in the main office with information about our softball program. You can also have them go to the website:; or they can email me at:; or they can call me at: 925-388-6025.

Injuries Never be afraid to come talk to anyone of the coaches about an injury. If you are Injured, we need to know, and we need to be able to work through what is best for you as a young adult. You are an athlete, but also a young adult who has a body that has not full developed and we will work together to determine if you are hurt or injured. I want to make sure everyone knows that Injuries happen. They cannot be helped, but to not address an injury because you are afraid you may miss practice, game, or conditioning, is not the correct way to handle it. Come speak to one of us.

You will need to make sure you have eaten something, during the day, before you come out to any practices. You will also need to be hydrated before you come out. Hydration should start today! This is something that should become a daily routine for any athlete. I have included a small article that I believe to be great for all athletes.

Hydration First, while water is good, a drink with a little sodium, potassium, chloride and other elements is absorbed faster by the intestine than pure water. This puts more water into the blood faster.

Don’t overdo the salts, though. Too much stuff in the drink will cause the intestines to have to dilute the intestinal contents before it can be absorbed. (Dr. Maughan tested canned, carbonated sodas and found that the intestinal contents have to be diluted first; not good. And this was done when the person was at rest; it would be even worse if the person were dehydrated, so stay away from soda after practices or games).

How much to drink? The old formula was one pint of fluid per pound of weight lost, but this has been refined from that formula to 1.5 pints of fluid per pound of weight lost. Unfortunately, few teams have access to a scale both before and after practice. But remember, this is just the first step.

The Need for Protein Second, there is cellular damage after any kind of exercise. As a result, there is an increased breakdown of protein during exercise. This damage is structural, and the body’s structural building materials are proteins.

Most disrupted cellular processes begin repair as soon as the stressor is removed. Protein consumed during exercise may help speed recovery following exercise. Plus, during extended exercise, protein can provide up to 20 percent of the muscle’s energy needs because the muscle is becoming depleted of glycogen.

Therefore, adding protein to a sports drink minimizes muscle protein breakdown that would then speed muscle recovery after exercise. Thus, a little protein during and after work is a good idea. But don’t interpret this to mean a triple cheeseburger is recommended. Just a little something to get the process started.

Take Your Vitamins Third, some of the damaged tissues can come from something called oxygen radicals, a byproduct of metabolism, built up during exercise. Selected vitamins–C and E in particular–can help minimize free-radical buildup. So, getting some C and E during and after exercise is appropriate.

Load Up on Carbs Fourth, the energy for games like soccer comes mostly from stored carbohydrates. When a player finishes a game, the carbohydrate fuel in the muscles (glycogen) can be very near empty, meaning the player is fatigued. However, if some carbs are taken in during exercise, the depletion of glycogen can be delayed. This effectively postpones fatigue, and a little protein helps get more sugar into the muscle.

Pushing fatigue later and later has two advantages. First, your team is running and the opponent is tiring right when most goals are scored. Second, a large portion of injuries happen late in the game so delaying fatigue can be considered a way to prevent injuries.

Ingestion of some carbs after training and games gets the refueling process started sooner and faster than if the process is delayed even by two hours.

“You mean I have to supply water, protein, vitamins, carbs during and after exercise?”

Only if you want your players to have a leg up on the opponents while also getting a head start at recovery for the next game or practice.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to shop multiple aisles of the grocery store. There are a variety of sports drinks on the market that can be found in grocery stores, nutrition stores or sports specialty shops (especially cycling stores).

Just check those labels. Look for electrolytes, carbohydrates, vitamins, and some protein. The current research suggests that a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein is the best. You can cover a lot of bases with a single product and be at a competitive advantage on your opponents who aren’t as foresighted as are you.

Wayne Stephens
Campolindo Cougars
Head Coach Varsity Softball

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