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2019 Campolindo Softball Season
The 2019 season for the Cougars is coming up. The Campolindo Cougars will start this season with direction and purpose. The goal is to continue to build the Campolindo softball program and to continue the level and pride the Cougars have been used to over the years.

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2019 Campolindo Softball

If your name is on the list congratulations on making a team this season with Campolindo Softball.

Charlton, Cassandra
Dougherty, Katelyn
Dowdall, Kaitlyn
Erickson, Makayla
Gagnon, Kelly
Grossen, Hannah
Home, Lindsey
Inglis, Qing
Jamgotchian, Kira
Martinet, Kaeli
Obsitnik, Chase
Poole, Katelyn
Rahimi, Emma
Tallarico, Sarah

We have multiple players who will still be coming out for the Softball team. They are players who are still participating in a winter sport. Due to NCS rules these players are not able to attend a spring sport until the winter sport they are participating in has ended. With the amount of potential players total from both spring and winter sports Varsity and JV determinations will be posted once all players have had the required try-outs completed.


2019 Season Winter Sport Player Tryout
Is open to anyone and everyone that would like to try-out for the 2019 Softball Season.
Once Winter Sport is completed
Mon thru Fri.
3:30 pm
Varsity Softball Field

New Player Signup Sheets

New Player Signups 

Attire / Softball Gear:
Bat (If you own one already do not go out and buy one)
Softball Pants (No Shorts)
Cleats (Metal Preferred)
Running (Tennis Shoes)
You may want to bring a sweatshirt if it gets cold.

Campolindo High School Girls Softball Team Info

Make sure you are up to date on all the latest items for the upcoming season contact
Coach Wayne Stephens
Call or Text 925-388-6025

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